The semi-official election results were the talk of the town as Torrance residents voiced who they wanted to lead their city over the next four years.

Mayor elect Pat Furey lead the race with 40%  of the votes getting just over 6,700 votes. Also the top four candidates to win a seat on the Council includ Heidi Ashcraft, Tim Goodrich, Kurt Weideman and Geoff Rizzo. However, only the top three candidates will serve a four year term which means Rizzo will only serve on the council for two years. Deputy City Clerk Rebecca Poitier won by a landslide with 66% of the votes. Now if you are wondering what happens next? The County Registrar Recorder will make sure all ballots that were casted are counted for. There are still votes in the mail, provisional ballots as well as write-in ballots and damaged ballots will be counted for. California law requires the Registrar Recorder to complete and certify results within 28 days. The official election canvass period ends on July 1st. All newly elected officials will be sworn in on Tuesday, July 15th.