The City’s Office of Emergency Services wants to make sure you’re ready in the event of the next big earthquake.

Leading up to the state’s annual earthquake drill, The Great Shakeout on Oct. 15, the City is encouraging residents to take a quiz to assess how prepared they really are.

The quiz asks questions such as “Is your house ready to take a hit?” and suggests making sure there are no potentially dangerous items such as heavy picture frames and mirrors hanging over beds.

Another tip is to identify a family disaster plan. Select the safest place in each room to go during an earthquake and practice getting there. Also make sure family members know where earthquake supplies are located. The quiz also advises making a grab-and-go bag for each family member that includes two full changes of clothing, basic toiletries and weather protection items such as blankets and jackets.

Each task amounts to a number of points, with the goal to score 80 points or higher. For a direct link to the quiz visit