A grocery chain announced plans to close all Southern California locations, including one in Torrance.

It was less than a year ago that Haggen announced plans to move into Southern California, taking over dozens of Vons and Albertsons stores. But the grocery chain recently announced it will be closing 27 stores, including 16 locations in California. The Torrance location on Hawthorne Boulevard is included in the list of stores that will be closing.

The chain filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy just six months after opening in the Southwest. All employees will receive a 60-day notice of closure.

With online sites such as Amazon and Google offering food delivery and specialized chains such as Trader Joe’s drawing in shoppers, many grocery chains have been suffering. Haggen is also dealing with a lawsuit from Albertsons that accuses the company of failing to pay millions as part of the purchase sale.

The chain hopes to refocus on their Northwest stores by saving money.