After a recent suicide of a student at El Camino College, health professionals say suicide awareness is important.

Dr. Moe Gelbart, executive director for the Center of Alcohol and Drug Treatment, says there are signs that people can for to help their loved ones.

First, Gelbart says to look for depression, helplessness, family or work issues and verbalizations that hint the person is not happy with their current situation. Always pay close attention to a cry for help, he says, because usually there is one.

Make sure the person communicates and talks about their feelings. It is important to get the person professional help or contact a suicide prevention hot-line.

Gelbart adds that suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary act and it is usually an act of impulse.         

Porchua Vang, 22, jumped from a five-story parking structure at the college Saturday morning. His family reported him missing to Torrance Police on Friday night.

The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline phone number is (800) 273-8255.