A local company that designs pulsed power systems for various industries has been recognized for its unique concept.

Transient Plasma Systems announced today that it was awarded the 2015 OCean Exchange/WWL Orcelle award along with $100,000 for its energy-efficient, low-emission ignition concept by Wallennius Wilhelmsen Logistics.

The concept helps to reduce nitrogen oxide emissions that are created when the temperature inside a vehicle’s engine exceeds high temperatures, creating pollution. It’s a piece of technology that will have a positive impact on human health and the environment.

Transit Plasma Systems’ goal is to engineer pulsed power systems as an enabling technology for commercial, industrial and even agriculture industries. Pulsed power is the accumulation of energy followed by its rapid release of a larger amount of instant power over a shorter period of time.

The TPS technology was developed at the University of Southern California 20 years ago.