They are a sweet treat that is hard to say no to.

Girl Scout cookies sold 2.5 million boxes just online, with customers placing more than 350,000 web and app orders during the most recent cookie sale. The big sales brought in an additional $10 million to the organization.

And now thanks to the great success, Girl Scouts of the USA said today they plan to update the online cookie ordering platform. It will include a calculator for the  scouts to keep track of their sales, as well as new ways for them to organize the orders. This includes improving decision-making and budgeting skills.

The organization reports that membership has seen a decline, and they are hoping the web initiative will increase it. The total membership is now 2.6 million, which is down more than 15 percent over the past three years.

They plan to make the digital cookie sales a flagship initiative. But the Los Angeles  chapter says they are sticking to going door to door. The L.A. chapter consistently ranks in the top five for selling cookies.