Did you know that the average family spends about four hours per week in the car?

But now instead of just staring at your phone for entertainment, Honda passengers can put that time to good use. Honda launched a new app today called Honda Road Readers. It gives Honda drivers free access to children’s audio books in hopes of fostering more reading.

The Torrance-based company says the program’s goal is to provide an educational and entertaining alternative to the usual car ride and to inspire young listeners. The app doesn’t only offer a book, it also gets parents and children to think critically and answer questions to the story they hear.

To access the app, Honda owners can just go to HondaRoadReaders.Com to register. They can then download the Honda Road Readers app in the Apple or Android store, where car owners will key in their VIN number.

They are offering five free audio books per Honda VIN. Honda teamed up with the National Teacher of the Year Program to provide a unique selection of books.