We’ve been following 16-year-old burn victim, Jespa Awomah’s journey to recovery since he arrived in America. Yesterday, doctors revealed what Awomah is calling a miracle.

It was an unforgettable moment, as Jespa used his right arm to shake hands for the first time in his life with Dr Matthew Reiss, his surgeon from Torrance Memorial Medical Center.

Jespa Shaking HandIt fullfilled a promise made almost three months ago before surgeries began and when Jespa’s hand was fused back to his forearm. It was a huge milestone as Jespa saw his fingers, new eyelid and ear for the first time. Jespa will now be able to sleep with his eyes closed and use his right arm, something he hasn’t been able to do since he was a baby.

Jespa says his prayers are answered, and he can’t thank Dr. Reiss and his team enough for what they did.

After the holidays Jespa will begin therapy on his hand. The Children’s Burn Foundation is paying for all the costs of the surgeries to treat burns Jespa suffered as a baby.