A hot topic will be back on the table at tonight’s City Council meeting.

The Torrance City Council will discuss whether to approve an ordinance to allow hens to be kept within the city at single family homes.

The public initially requested the keeping of chickens be allowed, but there was no differentiation between hens and roosters. City officials say they will only be considering hens and that roosters would still be prohibited.

The draft ordinance allows up to four hens and provides standards for the size and placement of the coops. But many think this ordinance is too restrictive and does not address roaming hens.

Recommendations want hens and the activities related to the keeping of hens to be limited to the rear yard of the subject property. Forty-five people in the city have signed a petition to amend the ordinance to allow urban farming.

In Los Angeles County, 75 cities allow chicken keeping in some form.

The City Council recently approved an ordinance to allow the keeping of bees.