It’s hard to believe, but 2016 is just days away! And with the new year, come new laws that will take effect Jan. 1.

SB 491, is one law that says wearing a headset, ear buds or any covering inserted into both ears is illegal while operating a motor vehicle or a bicycle. This law will not apply to people operating authorized emergency vehicles, construction and waste equipment.

And if you have one of those new hoverboard scooters, or a electrically motorized skateboard, a new law will make sure safety comes first. The law will prohibit using them at public facilities and requires users to wear proper safety gear. However, cities and counties can regulate their use. The law limits the hoverboard’s operation to individuals 16 years or older, and says that it can only be used at speeds of 35 miles per hour or less. Violating the law could cost you up to $250 dollars.

And the new motor voter program will also go into effect in the new year, creating an automatic voter registration process for qualified people who apply for a driver’s license or identification card, or submit for a change of address to the DMV.

Plus, the California residency requirement will make sure that an applicant for an original driver’s license or identification card provide proof of California State residency.

For more information about these and for the full list of all new transportation-related laws, you can go to The list is provided on the homepage.