The Torrance City Council takes on a hot topic tonight at their first meeting in the New Year.

The Community Development Department wants the City Council to consider an ordinance that would stop issuing building permits for alterations and demolitions for structures that are identified as historic sites. The moratorium would require at least six votes, and would be in effect for 45 days unless extended.

Currently, the City does not have any ordinances that protect historic sites. Residents can request a building permit and move forward with projects.

The ordinance would be in effect temporarily, and the Community Development Department is presenting options for a historic preservation program in the City.

Tonight, the City Council will review options for this, as well and look at how they would pay for a program that would provide an overlay zone that would protect historic sites and what changes could be made to those areas.

A survey done by the Torrance Historical Society shows groupings of historical structures across town.

Historic preservation advocates have worked for the past six years to get to this point.

Recently, a home on Arlington Avenue was torn down to make way for a new structure. It was considered a historic site by many in the community.