The University of California system received a record number of applications for the fall school year.

The number of applicants increased this year to more than 200,000. The university system data shows that its nine undergraduate campuses had a 6.4 percent increase over the last year.

The big increase in applications came from transfer students who applied this past period. Transfer applications increased nearly 12 percent compared to 5 percent for freshmen. The system plans to offer a third of its seats to transfers.

UCLA was one of the top schools students applied to, with nearly 97,000 submissions from would-be freshmen and 22,262 from transfer students. UC Berkeley received the next-highest number of applicants.

UC President Janet Napolitano says the most recent numbers shows that  efforts to boost the number of applicants transferring from California’s community colleges are paying off. Statistics show that the highest number of El Camino College students transferred to UCLA and UC Irvine. In 2013-2014, nearly 1,500 El Camino College students transferred to a 4-year university. Seventy-seven transferred to UCLA and 60 to UC Irvine.