This past weekend’s windstorm did some major damage to trees in Torrance.

Wilson Park is partially re-open after being shut down for two days.

Yellow caution tape still lines the south walk way of the park because of leaning trees. Four trees are waiting to be dropped to the ground by private contractors after being uprooted by fierce winds. The City hired private contractors to bring the trees down this week.

A ball field also had multiple trees topple onto it, causing an irrigation line to break and flood the area. A light pole and backstop also had extensive damage. The field will be closed until crews can make repairs.

Paradise Park also was affected by the extreme weather. A large eucalyptus tree fell, and numerous leaning trees were removed to avoid any further damage to facilities if another gusty storm comes our way.

And staff at Madrona Marsh had to say good-bye to two trees in the aftermath of the wind storm. Three trees were uprooted, and two will stay on the ground at the preserve.

Tracy Drake, the manager of the Madrona Marsh Preserve, says many of the native plants can withstand rough wings and that they held up pretty well. However, she says there are bigger concerns such as whether the expected El Nino season will bring enough rain to help the preserve. Currently, water levels at the Marsh are at an all-time low.