The official filing period for Torrance City elections is now open.

Today is the second day that prospective candidates can submit their names for a seat on the Torrance City Council. There are three council seats up for a vote in the June 7 election. Torrance City Councilman Gene Barnett’s seat is open. Councilmen Geoff Rizzo and Mike Griffiths will have to run again if they want to keep their seats. The city council has six seats with staggered terms, which are two, four-year terms.

Prospective candidates may get a nominating petition from the City Clerk at anytime during the filing period, which requires between 20 to 30 signatures by Torrance voters. Along with the petition, a 200-word ballot statement may also be submitted to the Clerk’s Office. According to the City Clerk’s office today, there were five meetings scheduled with potential nominees.

In 2014, the City of Torrance had more than 83,000 registered voters. The election will be consolidated on the Los Angeles County ballot with the Statewide Primary Election.