The City Council will decide tonight if it wants to consider overriding a decision made by L.A. County to keep a local car dealership from expanding.

In 2005, South Bay Lexus was given the green light to grow its repair facility by adding an actual dealership and expanding their leasehold at the Torrance Airport. The Airport Commission considered the recommendation for the use of certain areas of the Zamperini Field/Torrance Airport for the expansion of the South Bay Lexus parking located along Crenshaw Boulevard.

The project was later submitted to the Los Angeles County Airport Land Use Commission, where it was found that the Los Angeles County Airport Land Use Compatibility Plan was not consistent with the project. But Lexus hopes the resolution they are proposing tonight will show that the project will not increase noise impacts or interfere with air navigation, and will protect public safety.

A City Council super-majority could overrule the current decision by the county agency. The City Council may also approve a hearing date of April 12 to get further information on the matter.