Starbucks will soon be asking their devoted customers to spend more to get more.

Starting in April, they will implement a new rewards program where customers will receive two “stars” for every $1 they spend. Right now, customers can earn one star per visit. Currently, if you are a gold status, you can receive a free drink or food choice after 12 visits.

Customers now will have to spend more to get that free item. Starbucks will ask coffee lovers to rack up 125 stars for it.

But there is a bright side for customers who always add onto their order. If you spend more than an average of $5 per visit, you will earn stars faster.

To top it all off, the coffee chain will have monthly double star days where Gold members will receive 4 stars for every $1 they spend at Starbucks, instead of one star for every $2 spent.

 Customers won’t lose anything once they move to the new reward system.