New water conservation numbers show that Torrance residents have been on top of their saving efforts.

Residents have gone above and beyond once again to conserve water. New numbers show that in January, Torrance residents overall conserved 21 percent, one percent more than the state target of 20 percent.

Chuck Schaich, senior administrative water analyst with the City of Torrance, says that recent numbers show that the majority of people are cutting back on outside watering. However, across the state residents combined to save 17 percent in January, missing Gov. Jerry Brown’s water savings order.

Last year, the Torrance City Council approved Level 2 water restrictions due to the drought, and to help with meeting state regulations. This included asking residents to limit outdoor watering to certain times, to avoid excessive runoff, and to restrict watering on their property for 48 hours after a rain event.

The water cutback mandate was also extended through October 2016 to keep up water conservation efforts.