A large water expansion project that will increase the amount of potable water within the City is keeping workers busy.

The Water Replenishment District of Southern California has begun work that will continue for the next couple of weeks near Delthorne Park in Torrance. The WRD is installing a water well and water mains on Osage Avenue north of Spencer Street.

Eventually the well water will be brought to the desalter plant at the City Yard to be converted for potable use.

Recently, the WRD and the City of Torrance announced the expansion and upgrade of the Robert W. Goldsworthy Groundwater Desalter, which will increase capacity of the existing facility. The project will increase water supply by 5 million gallons per day, and will help with the current drought situation.

The desalter removes salt from a mixture of river and sea water bodies to create fresh, potable water.