The Torrance Transit Department is looking to the future.

At tonight’s City Council meeting,the department will ask the Council to approve the sale of 20 surplus and outdated transit buses from the fleet. Officials say as Transit is completing its Fleet Modernization Project, these older diesel-powered buses that are almost 16 years old are being phased out of the active fleet.

Eighty percent of the funding to buy these buses originally came from the Federal Transit Administration, which means any money from a sale over $5,000 will be returned to them. The FTA suggests transit buses be not more than 12 years old or with fewer than 500,000 miles of service. The buses looking to be sold have all exceeded this description.

The Transit Department is in the process of constructing the Torrance Transit Park and Ride Regional Terminal to meet the needs of South Bay residents and visitors. It will help link Torrance Transit routes with other regional providers in the Transit Terminal. Construction for Phase 1 will start in April.

Currently, Torrance Transit directly operates a network of 11 fixed bus routes serving the Torrance area and neighboring cities.