An active lifestyle company dedicated to making life fun with their wheeled products has something new and bright to offer.

Yvolution, with its U.S. base in Torrance, announced today that it has added a new type of ride-on to its lineup with NEON Street Rollers. These new adjustable heel skates easily fit onto children’s favorite shoes, so they can add some flair. They even offer a customized fit.

NEON Street Rollers feature innovative wheel technology with bright light-up LEDs in pink, blue or green, which glow with each turn of the wheel.

Since 2009, Yvolution has launched new products successfully in more than 50 countries. Their best selling product is the Y-Fliker scooter. The company is known for its balance bikes and scooters.

The NEON Street Rollers can be found at Walmart or Toys “R” Us; they retail for $29.99.