The Torrance Fire Department responded to a swarm of bees recently at a local park.

A 4-year-old victim was stung multiple times at Lago Seco Park, heightening the awareness of bees and bee hives in Torrance.

Fire officials say if the bees pose a threat and a bee hive is located on City property, Torrance’s Public Works Department will come out to investigate the need for a bee keeper to come and remove the hive. If the bees are not a threat, they should just be left alone. And if the bee hive is located on private property and you want them removed, residents can call Los Angeles County West Vector Control, which will remove bee hives located up to 25 feet high for free.

You can call West Vector Control at (310) 915-7370 for more information. If the bees or bee hive pose a threat, you should call the Torrance Police Department at (310) 328-3456.