A Los Angeles Superior Court has given ExxonMobil Refinery in Torrance the green light to restart.

A group called the Refinery Safety Network filed a suit last week in an attempt to stop ExxonMobil from resuming full operations.

In early April, the South Coast Air Quality Management District Hearing Board agreed to allow ExxonMobil to restart the refinery after a public hearing in the Torrance Council Chambers. The agreement also asked ExxonMobil to follow a strict procedure during the restart process to minimize emissions.

The refinery has been working at a limited production rate since the large explosion in mid-February 2015, which has impacted gasoline prices.

NEWSBREAK Live reached out to ExxonMobil, and they released this statement:

“We agree with the decision of the court. We continue to work with the South Coast Air Quality Management District on the approved and stringent safety conditions for restart, so that the Torrance refinery can resume safe and environmentally responsible production of gasoline and other products for California.”

The refinery has not announced an exact date for the restart.
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