Torrance’s ExxonMobil refinery successfully restarted their operations last night.

After a 15-month shut down, authorities say that all systems are operating within compliance. The refinery was set to restart Sunday night, but was delayed due to what refinery officials said were unexpected operational delays.

ExxonMobil began their production operations as scheduled Monday night.  As a safety precaution, ExxonMobil shut down a pollution control device for six hours during the re-start process, which may have resulted in higher particulate matter emissions for those six hours. South Coast Air Quality Management District officials don’t expect it to expose residents to unhealthful levels.

The refinery was also required to place door hangers throughout the community within a 1-mile radius of the refinery 48 hours prior to the restart. ExxonMobil followed a strict procedure during the restart process to minimize emissions.

Refinery officials say the restrictions imposed would reduce the impact to the community and the environment as they fully resume operations.

For more information, you can visit TorranceCA.Gov/Refinery.