A new executive order could soon require residents in California to continue conserving water on a more permanent basis.

California Gov. Jerry Brown is making it clear that the drought isn’t over. He has issued a request temporary water restrictions become permanent across the state.

The order permanently bans practices that are wasteful, such as hosing off sidewalks and driveways. It also says that water suppliers would have to document water usage and conservation on a monthly basis.

However, the order didn’t mention making permanent the statewide mandate to cut water use by 25 percent in urban areas.

On May 18, the State Water Resources Board is scheduled to lift and continue some of these cuts in communities. Brown has directed the board to adjust emergency cutbacks through January, 2017 that had been ordered against all urban water agencies last year.

The City of Torrance has achieved nearly 23 percent overall usage reduction since the mandatory reduction program in June 2015. This exceeds the State-mandated target of 20 percent for the City.

Torrance’s senior water analyst, Chuck Schaich says the state water board may be looking to adopt a more regional approach to conservation goals going forward.