A long trip for one fire engine comes to an end as it finally comes home to Torrance.

Fire fighters welcomed the newest addition to Torrance Fire Department fleet as they began placing their equipment and uniforms inside the new engine’s compartments. The shiny new rig made its debut at Fire Station 1 after making many pit stops for the past two months.

Manufactured by Pierce in Appleton, Wisc., the engine will replace a 1988 model that has no rear door or enclosure for the fire fighters safety. It was picked up from Arcadia’s All Star Fire Equipment location, where work on its compartments and equipment was completed.

In addition to being completely new, the engine has specialized technology with a computer mapping system, which updates periodically so firefighters have the best directions on the calls they receive. It also has an onboard, seat belt safety advantage that makes sure every firefighter is seated and belted before it leaves the station. Other features include an airbag system and anti-rollover technology.

It was a one-year process for the Fire Department to receive the new engine.