Forty young musicians from the South Bay community will show off their talents on the big stage.

Daniel Suk, Dream Orchestra artistic director and conductor, has been rehearsing with students to perform a concert coming up on June 9.

The Young Artists Orchestra is made up of South Bay students from all backgrounds and ages, with the youngest musician being 9 years old. The group began in 2014, and is a way of teaching youth not just how to be better musicians, but also to educate them about history, etiquette and cultural endeavors. The director of the orchestra, Daniel Suk is a Torrance resident who curated the group.

The concert will feature several ensemble music selections, as well as a full symphony. Seventy percent of the orchestra are Torrance residents.

The musicians meet every week at the JS Church in Torrance to practice. Their June 9 concert at the James Armstrong Theatre is a night of charity for the missionary.

For more information, you can go to YAOLA.Org. There is a monthly tuition fee to be part of the orchestra.