The city of Torrance continues to take action in spreading awareness of the growing coyote population.

6,000 door hangers with information regarding coyote precautions, preventative measures and details about the species were distributed today. Homes to receive them were in the Hickory Park, Lago Seco Park, New Horizons/Nadine Circle, and Sleepy Hollow areas. Just last week, the Torrance City Council adopted a coyote urban management plan that would help increase public safety and educate Torrance residents on how to keep coyotes away. During the presentation, Police Captain Martin Vukotic talked about a 13 step program, which included public awareness, education, and outreach. The presentation emphasized the importance of reacting properly to coyotes to change undesired coyote behavior. In 2016 alone, there have been 153 coyote incidents or sightings, including 74 coyote attacks on animals. Just last week, there were 30 addition sightings and 7 animal deaths reported.