Construction at a local park is under way.

Greenwood Park was added to the list of projects this year after the site was evaluated for pavement conditions. Public Works Crews have officially started revamping Greenwood Park’s parking lot. They are preparing to expand north of the lot to accommodate more parking spots.

They also plan to add a sidewalk to keep pedestrians out of the parking area. Locals will soon see repairs to the existing asphalt. Finally, the parking lot will be slurry sealed and the new striping will include handicapped parking stalls.

A new walkway along the north side of the parking lot will be added to provide a path of travel for pedestrians to access the basketball courts from the west side. To keep everyone at the park safe there will be an addition of a 4-foot fence. Officials say this will help limit car accessibility onto the grassy field, it will help block balls and other sports accessories from rolling into the parking area.