The Torrance Refining Company continues to work on restoring operations safely after sudden interruptions.

A spokesman from the refinery says that several power outages in the Torrance area caused the facility to stop working at full capacity. Now as they assess the situation, they’ve also notified the South Coast Air Quality Management District about flaring events that may occur today through this Sunday. Authorities say that the flaring is a safety device that refineries use to relieve pressure and ensure gases are safely combusted to minimize releases to the atmosphere.

Coincidentally, a community meeting was held Monday morning to discuss risk management plans for the refinery. The Environmental Protection Agency and South Coast Air Quality Management District came together to listen to the concerns of residents regarding the refinery and plans for handling the risks associated with the refinery during an emergency situation.

Held at the Ken Miller Recreation Center, community members shared concerns about modified hydrofluoric acid and the impact a disaster situation could have on the surrounding communities.

The EPA presented what their risk management program is designed to do, and Congressman Ted Lieu, Assemblyman David Hadley, Assembly candidate Al Muratsuchi, Torrance elected officials and members of the South Bay FLARE group were also in attendance.

Representatives of FLARE said there was an urgent need to make the refinery safer, and a six-point refinery safety plan was discussed that focused on banning the use of hydrofluoric acid. Video of the meeting is available online.

Tonight the City Council, will consider three proposed projects to be funded with monies the SCAQMD collected from ExxonMobil to be used for community projects.