Police are warning residents to be aware of people posing as City employees who create a distraction while accomplices burglarize homes.

Most recently, Torrance Police responded to a residential burglary report in the 2300 block of West 179th Street. The investigation showed that a female suspect posed as a Torrance City worker and approached the couple at their home. The suspect asked if they would escort her to the back yard so they could discuss where the City could install a utility pole. While the suspect distracted the couple, another suspect entered the victims’ residence and stole approximately $10,000 in jewelry.

Authorities say to always ask for identification and even call the department where the person says they work to confirm they really are a City employee. And if there’s any doubt, always ask them to make an appointment and come back at a later time then call the Torrance Police Department’s non-emergency hotline at (310) 618-5641 to report the incident.