Torrance City Council will take a look tonight at a couple hot topic items at tonight’s meeting.

The topic of whether companies like Airbnb and other short-term or vacation rental services should be regulated within City limits will be discussed. Staff members plan to present a land-use study.

The City of Torrance contacted other cities to find out various ways to regulate short-term rentals. Staff members say that if Torrance wants to allow and regulate these types of rentals, there are many factors to consider, including parking requirements, penalties, noise limits and a permit process to name a few. Currently, there are 100 Airbnb listings in Torrance.

The City Council also will take a look at whether they want to change parking citation fees. Staff will recommend that City Council consider reducing the citation fee for violating street sweeping and no parking restrictions. Currently, the fine for a street sweeping citation is $43, which was established in 2012.

Tune in to Torrance CitiCABLE or watch online at 7 p.m. to hear what the next steps the Council will take.