A long-running battle is once again postponed.

The Torrance Airport Association appealed the approval of a project between South Bay Lexus and the City of Torrance, and a meeting scheduled to happen tonight has been postponed now for a third time.

Lexus proposed building an auto sales lot in a special safety area at the end of the Zamperini Field runway even though it’s a designated area that is specified to be kept clear of all above-ground obstructions. TAA representatives argue that it would be a danger to occupants of aircraft using the airport if this lot is built.
Caltrans Division of Aeronautics, which licenses the airport, says this could be a potential liability for the City. This has not been reviewed by the Los Angeles County Airport Land Use Commission, which would be required by state law.

The Torrance City Council will hear the appeal next Tuesday night, Dec. 20 as part of the regularly scheduled 7 p.m. Council meeting.