The City Council tonight will honor and remember Jamie Ruth Watson, the chairwoman of the Planning Commission.

jamie-ruth-watsonWatson unexpectedly passed away yesterday. Friends say she was always dedicated to the City of Torrance and was involved in many civic groups. She also loved traveling the world.

Watson had served on Environmental Quality Commission, as well as on the Library Commission. Most recently, she was the chairwoman of the Planning Commission and was up for reappointment at tonight’s meeting.

She was always known for being prepared for her commission duties, with an understanding the issues before the commission. Friends and colleagues say they also will remember her for her good humor.

Watson also was part of the League of Women Voters and the Torrance Historical Society, where she was a life member.

Watson was born to Rebekkah and James Watson, however her father died when she was just a child. Her mother later married Stanley Remelmeyer, who was the City Attorney of Torrance for more than 30 years. She is survived by her brother, William Dele Watson of North Dakota.