Click to enlarge / Facebook: Madrona Marsh Preserve and Nature Center

madrona-3madrona-2Some Torrance residents were very thankful to have the recent much-needed showers.

The Madrona Marsh Preserve plants and animals were taking advantage of the influx of water. The wetland was reported at capacity, and officials say this has not happened since 2005.

The vernal pools of the preserve were about 30 percent full and all nine had at least some water in them. These only fill with direct rain fall.

Vernal pools are temporary pools of water that provide habitat for plants and animals. One of the rain gauges onsite indicated that more than 4 inches of water fell at the preserve

Local sumps including Henrietta, Aimee and Entradero stormwater basins also were full.

The Madrona Marsh Nature Center and Preserve is located at 3201 Plaza Del Amo.