Drivers continue to face some traffic delays after this past weekend’s rain.

Torrance Public Works crews will be assessing a sinkhole for the next 24 hours  near the Torrance Refinery. The sinkhole is located between the fence line and the sidewalk along Crenshaw Boulevard north of Del Amo Boulevard.

As a precautionary measure, the Torrance Police Department closed two southbound lanes of Crenshaw Boulevard and are urging drivers to avoid the area.

Officials from the Public Works department say the sinkhole was caused by a waste treatment line. It is not a hazardous materials incident.

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Torrance Public Works crews also are staying busy as they traverse the city doing road repairs after the heavy down pour resulted in a high number of potholes across the city. Officials say the last time they saw this many potholes was nearly eight years ago.

Crews are focusing on areas of Hawthorne, Palos Verdes, Crenshaw and Sepulveda boulevards along with Carson and 190th streets and Anza Avenue.

Public Works Supervisor Steve Robinson says they measure potholes by the square foot and don’t have count of how many they have filled so far but that the largest one they have fixed so far was 30 square feet.

Potholes are most commonly created by water seeping into cracks on the surface of the road and the combination of vehicle vibration. Crews fill the holes with temporary asphalt. They plan to continue work until all the potholes are filled.

If residents or drivers would like to report potholes, they can call the Public Works Department at (310) 781-6900 or submit a service request online.