People have been heading to the polls today to cast ballots in local elections across Southern California.

Here in Torrance, residents were making sure their vote counted for ballot Measure H. It would raise the county sales tax a quarter-cent to 9.25 percent for 10 years, with funds going to fight homelessness through mental health services, substance abuse treatments and affordable housing initiatives. In some higher taxed cities, the sales tax rate would hit the state maximum of 10 percent if Measure H passes.

In early February, Torrance’s Social Services Commission brought Measure H to the City Council in hopes of getting council members to support the initiative. But council members did not take any action on the tax increase.

Los Angeles residents will also vote in the mayoral race and eight City Council races, as well as for a member of the Los Angeles Unified School Board and the Los Angeles Community College Board of Trustees.

More than 83,000 voters were registered this past November for the General Election and nearly 64,000 votes were cast in the City of Torrance.

The ballot measure needs two-thirds approval by voters to pass. In the first five years, the proceeds of Measure H would enable 45,000 families and individuals to transition from homelessness to permanent housing.

Polls close tonight at 8. Election results can be found at LAVote.Net