The Torrance Fire Department has kicked off a program that will allow paramedics to treat patients quicker than usual.

Fire Chief Martin Serna says their Standing Field Treatment Protocol program has been approved. This will enhance the level of paramedic services by allowing them to treat patients without any delay. Before, the protocol required paramedics to call the hospital before performing full medical treatment.

Getting this program back was a top priority for them over the past year.

The Department will also kick off a new project, where they will take lead on a study that will measure the outcome of patients who are septic, which is blood poisoning due to a bacterial infection that can lead to fatality or organ failure. This is in partnership with Providence Little Company of Mary Medical Center and Torrance Memorial.

Officials say studies have shown early diagnosis and treatment of a septic patient increases positive prognosis.

Torrance Fire Department is the only one currently conducting the study. The project start date is April 1.