Earth Day is almost here, and NASA is getting people involved in a unique way.

They are giving participants the opportunity to adopt a piece of the planet in honor of the upcoming holiday. NASA broke up the planet into 64,000 virtual pieces that are now up for adoption. All you have to do is go Nasa.Gov’s “Adopt the Planet” page, where you will be randomly assigned a free 55 mile wide corner of the world. You will get a certificate with your name, adoption date, ID number and the coordinates.

It gives people an opportunity to explore different parts of the world as well. The images and data are collected from NASA’S 18 current earth science missions. People will be able to see how far air pollution and soot from fires or volcanoes have traveled from land to the ocean or how much sea ice is present in the Arctic and Antarctic.

Earth Day is April 22, and the Madrona Marsh Preserve is hosting a clean-up day.