Tonight, Torrance City Council will confirm which fireworks vendor they plan to bring on board for the City’s July 4th celebration.

The proposal asks Council to award a contract agreement to Pyro Spectaculars, Inc. of Rialto for $35,000 for the 4th of July Fireworks show that is planned at the Torrance Civic Center this year. A review committee made up of members from different City departments decided on the Pyro Spectaculars proposal that will have larger shells for the bulk of the show, as well as a mobile application that can be used by the public to stream the soundtrack from the show to their smartphones or tablets.

This vendor got the highest ranking by the committee, which took into account the length of the show, safety and presentation.

In 2016, the City brought back its tradition of celebrating July 4th with a fireworks show. In October, the event was reviewed and it was recommended the show return to the same location at the Civic Center.

If this proposal is approved, community outreach for the event will start.