The Public Works Department is looking to set a date for a public hearing to increase waste collection rates in the City at tonight’s Torrance City Council meeting.

They’re hoping the Torrance City Council will move forward with the Department’s proposed public hearing date on a series of annual increases in waste collection rates. This will help cover the increasing operating, maintenance and vehicle replacement costs. The Sanitation Division provides service to more than 29,000 homes weekly.

Staff says currently, expenditures exceed revenue. One of the main reasons is that the recycling market has reduced recycling revenue by 54 percent.

After performing a study, they’re looking to have rate adjustments over the 5-year period between 2017 and 2021. The residential rate in fiscal year 2017 would be increased by $3.75.

If approved, the hearing date will be mailed to all billing parties within 45 days when residents will be able to submit written protests. The proposed public hearing date is June 27.