Torrance students had the chance to experience what its like to work for the City of Torrance first hand today.

Twenty-one 8 graders from the Torrance Unified School District were chosen to take part in the City’s annual Students and Government day. In its 10th year, the special event helps students learn effective civic education.

Today, students started their day at the Torrance Police Department and received a tour. Then they were partnered with department heads from the city, where they shadowed that employee around for the day. Finally, students will conduct a portion of the City Council meeting tonight, so they can learn the mechanics of self-governance and what it means to participate at the local level.

The goal is to teach them that they can make change at the local level. To be chosen, students had to submit an essay to their Social Studies teacher. This year’s essay asked students to develop a volunteer program for 8th graders that promotes the betterment of the Torrance Community.