A local business headquartered in Torrance is helping people get a home loan quicker.

Doc Magic, Inc. announced today that it has integrated a connection between two technologies that will complete the first two major events in the eMortgage process. Through the integration, DocMagic and BeSmartee are allowing borrowers to complete a loan application and receive disclosures in a matter of minutes, rather than days or weeks that is typical with a manual process. It’s helping people disseminate their information in a safe and organized way.

Any mortgage lender, bank or credit union can add this technology to their website.

BeSmartee, a do it yourself mortgage marketplace connects borrowers and lenders directly with providers that instantly validate the borrower’s income, assets and credit information, while DocMagic’s technology saves time by generating a fully-compliant electronic disclosure.

Doc Magic, Inc. is the leading provider of fully compliant loan document preparation, regulatory compliance, eSign, eDelivery and eMortgage services.