Torrance Unified School District announced the selection of new principals.

Chris Sheck is the new principal at North High School. He has served as the Principal at Magruder Middle School since August 2012. He also has been the Assistant Principal at South High School. Sheck has played many other roles, such as creating the Administrator Support and Mentor Program for TUSD K through 12 for the Association of School Administrators.

Kara Heinrich was also selected for a new position: She will be the new principal at West High School. She has served as the principal at Jefferson Middle School since July 2014. She was recently recognized as the Middle Principal of the year by the Association of Torrance School Administrators. Heinrich is on many district level committees.

Katherine Schenkelberg has been chosen as the new principal at Carr Elementary. She has served as an assistant principal at Arnold Elementary School. Schenkelberg was instrumental in developing TUSD’s next generation science standards K through 12 Professional Development Implementation Plan. She also has served on District level committees.

These new principals will be taking place of Dr. Ron Richardson, Pamela Metz and Richard Petersen who will be retiring.

They will all start their new roles July 1.