A local company is giving back to save lives. 

Pelican Products, Inc. is recognizing the importance of blood donations by hosting a multi-day blood drive at various locations across the country. This week, it kicked off in honor of World Health Organization’s World Blood Donor Day.

This year, five Pelican Products and Pelican BioThermal locations are participating including the headquarters here in Torrance. Employees are donating their blood at Torrance Memorial Medical Center.

The annual blood drive supports the mission of the customer base for Pelican, which includes markets in fire safety, law enforcement, defense, and military.

Pelican’s thermal packaging technology was originally developed for U.S. Army Special Forces transporting blood units in the field. The American Red Cross has launched a new nationwide summertime campaign called Missing Types. The goal is to make it a priority for people to donate and encourage new donors to do so. Officials say donors have decreased by 80,000 each year for the past four years.

Last year, an estimated 75 pints of blood from three locations were donated, which was enough to save 225 lives.