emmausA bio-pharmaceutical company kicks off an educational campaign across the nation with a special guest today.

Emmy Award-winning NFL Broadcaster Solomon Wilcots, who played six seasons in the league, is partnering with Emmaus Life Sciences, Inc. They announced today the launch of “Sideline Sickle Cell”, an educational campaign designed to raise awareness and drive discussion about recent and future treatment innovations for sickle cell disease. The launch coincides with the start of National Minority Health Month.

There will be a media tour led by Wilcots along with town hall meetings that bring together members who face the disease. They have plans to take the tour to New York, Miami, Atlanta, and other places. Wilcots has experienced firsthand the impact of sickle cell disease and is looking forward to shining a spotlight on it. The disease is an inherited, genetic blood disorder characterized by misshaped red blood cells that deprive the body’s tissues and organs of oxygen. Emmaus Life Sciences, Inc has created a drug called Endari that reduces the acute complications of the disease for adults and pediatric patients.

You can follow the campaign and start the conversation by connecting with Emmaus Life Sciences Inc.