17861954_10154757077069398_3045770440382909651_nToday Torrance Police announced they are taking steps to enforce motorcycle traffic safety.

During the month of May, they have plans to increase enforcement. There are nearly 900,000 registered motorcycles in California and both drivers and riders safely share the road. Officials from Torrance Police say sometimes it’s hard to see motorcyclists.

Some tips for riders is to wear bright colored gear, use your turn signal, keep your lights on, keep distance with cars and consider road and weather conditions when lane splitting. Drivers should be as cautious and check their mirrors and blind spots. Slow down if you are behind a motorcyclist, never share a lane with a motorcycle and give riders room to pass.

In 2017, 576 people were killed in motorcycle crashes statewide, which is a 15% increase since 2015. The Torrance Police Department encourages all riders to enroll in the California Highway Patrol’s motorcycle training course.

Visit CaliforniaMotorcyclist.com for more information.